Marseille, Provence, France, 27th Oct 2022, King NewsWire, The community brings new opportunities and consists of skilled investors and idealists striving to become metaverse architects. 

Founded by innovators with a shared vision, ATA society is a community dedicated to building a virtual world based on blockchains, seamlessly integrated with the real world. To elevate the virtual world on top of the blockchain, the ATA Society endeavors to build a community project that offers a wide range of services in various metaverses, Web 3 projects, NFT, crypto, Defi, Luxury, jewelry, video games, 3D, and Digital art. Far from preconceived and outdated ideas, the Alpha founders of the ATA Society strive to create a futuristic, innovative, and cutting-edge community by utilizing advanced technologies and techniques. 

Bringing together the genius of multiple people to produce a groundbreaking idea makes the project more diverse and better, making the community more poised and industrialized. As the ATA community grows in size and strength, it creates a sense of mutual effort aimed at advancing a larger mission pertaining to the various metaverses and Web 3. Since the Metaverse and Web 3 have bright futures, those who join together have a greater chance of success and influence. Since the ATA society aims to provide a bridge between the real world and the virtual worlds of blockchains, its intention is to become the first community to enable users to acquire assets in the virtual domains, which can then be transferred to the real world.


“We open the door to a select team wishing to be the first community of metaverse builders. Taking advantage of the tools and technologies that the world puts at our disposal to transform it as we see fit. The ATA society was designed to become the first platform for service creators in the Metaverse,” says the founder of ATA Society. 

To reach its core purpose, the ATA goes through various events and cycles. Through these development plans or cycles, the ATA society and those affiliated with it will be continuously upgraded. The alphas of the community will handle the laser forge to create the most complex and valuable HUNT artifacts exclusively for their community. As a result, the artifacts will be both physically and digitally distributed among the community, helping the NFTs identify the individuals in the real world and digital space. 

The ATA society offers a chance to traverse across the top metaverses and web 3 projects through portals and enjoy perks that no other organization can match. The ATA society aims to have a close-knit and long-lasting community. The founders of the ATA society wish to periodically reward the ATA group with upgrades and unique advantages. The ATA society is thus dedicated to becoming the most influential and dominant society in the Metaverse, Web 3, NFT, and Crypto. 

The founder further states, “To begin the journey to the metaverse, the ATA society must gather enough energy! That means all 10,000 artifacts must be assigned to members before we can open the portals. So, if you’re ready to start shaping a new reality and exploring the metaverse, we invite you to join the ATA society. Once you receive your very own cube artifact, you’ll be ready to step into the unknown and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.”

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