Customer Identity & Access Management (or CIAM) empowers businesses to seamlessly manage increasing customer identities and also address their customer wants by providing them with a seamless login experience on their applications or portals till the very end of their journey. It’s all about making the customer journey seamless & memorable!

Pune, Maharashtra, India, 25th May 2023, King NewsWireYour customers want a secure, hassle-free, and personalized digital experience and they are going to stay on a platform or app which provides them with their wants. Not paying attention to customer wants has resulted in lower customer loyalty and decreased conversions even for legacy businesses. You won’t want that to happen with your Business!

In today’s Digital Landscape, managing digital identities has become crucial for modern businesses. Whether it’s workforce or customer identity, both are very important for any organization looking to scale its business.

Customer Identity & Access Management (or CIAM) empowers businesses to seamlessly manage increasing customer identities and also address their customer wants by providing them with a seamless login experience on their applications or portals till the very end of their journey. It’s all about making the customer journey seamless & memorable!

Most modern businesses are adopting CIAM solutions like miniOrange for multiple reasons:

  1. Deliver an Enhanced User Experience with:
  2. SSO or Single-Sign On (SSO), which will enable your customers to log in to multiple apps using a single set of credentials. Hence, removing the hassle of maintaining multiple passwords, and making the process much simpler and safer. This will also help your business comply with various regulatory standards.
  3. MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to your customer’s accounts and login process. This will help you eradicate unauthorized access and you will be able to provide more security to your customers which will increase their trust in your brand in the long run.
  4. Adaptive MFA, an advanced form of MFA, enables you to set restrictions on user access based on contextual factors like IP Address, Location, Device, & Time of Access.
  5. Passwordless Authentication eradicates the threat of stolen credentials and unauthorized access. Also, your customers don’t need to remember passwords and they can seamlessly log in via other methods like OTP over phone/SMS/Email.
  6. Social Login enables your customers to seamlessly log in using their existing social credentials via popular social media platforms like Google, Facebook, etc.
  7. Balance the Usability & Security Aspects
  8. Prevention of Data Breaches
  9. Adhere to Regulations and Compliance like GDPR, HIPAA, SOC, etc.

Let’s understand how the miniOrange CIAM platform can benefit your business. Let’s take the example of an eCommerce Business:

Minimalistic Mia is a regular customer of an eCommerce business that uses multiple apps for different niches. She always prefers to remove unnecessary things in every aspect of her life. That’s why she finds it irritating when it comes to managing multiple passwords for different apps. She always tends to forget passwords and hence, her login experience is always troublesome.

One fine day when she tries to log in, she couldn’t remember her password, she tries many combinations but ends up being frustrated and ultimately she decides to switch to another eCommerce platform to make her purchase. This is a very common scenario and many eCommerce businesses lose customers because of this!

Get complete guide on CIAM:

How could a miniOrange CIAM have changed the scenario?

If miniOrange CIAM is integrated, then Mia will be provided with SSO, where she only needs to remember one password to log in to all the different apps of the eCommerce portal, hence complimenting her minimalistic approach.

In the event of her forgetting the password, there can be an option for passwordless authentication where she can choose to get authenticated via OTP on her phone or some other means to safely log in to her account. Also, in the event of password theft, Mia would have been unaffected and this will further increase her trust in the particular eCommerce business. Hence, this is a classic example of how CIAM can help businesses to retain customers by improving overall customer experience.

Similarly, miniOrange CIAM will help businesses to cater to the needs of different customers!

Social Selena is a social media junkie and another customer of that same eCommerce business. She is always on social media and only remembers her social media credentials. To make the experience better for her, miniOrange CIAM will enable the eCommerce business to provide Social Selena with Social Login options. Hence, she can easily authenticate herself using her different social accounts like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Because of this feature, she loves to stay and buy from the apps of this eCommerce business.

Radical Ronda (another customer of the same eCommerce Platform) is always radical about security and obsessively questions the safety of each app she uses. Hence, to win her trust and retain her for the long term, miniOrange CIAM will enable the eCommerce business to set up additional security measures like Multi-Factor Authentication where after Ronda completes the first authentication step, she will be prompted with an additional authentication challenge like OTP over SMS, email link, and 15+ MFA methods. During transactions, Adaptive MFA methods can be implemented to further protect Ronda’s payment information in high-risk scenarios. This will give Ronda a feeling of safety and in the long run, the eCommerce business will gain her loyalty.

Aesthetic Amy loves symmetry and good design. She as a merchant wants to provide an aesthetic experience with her online store’s unique UI or User Interface. But the login page of her current store is outdated and doesn’t reflect her brand image. miniOrange CIAM enabled her to customize the login page in such a manner that it will represent the ideals of her brand and provide her customers with a pleasant and User-Friendly UI. This also resulted in increased customer conversions because the login page is simplified and user-friendly. Since the Login page is the place that your users will visit every day, it is very important to customize it to make a lasting impression on them.

With the miniOrange CIAM platform, you will get a holistic solution to create a seamless customer experience with simplified login and enhanced safety. Here are the features you get with our CIAM solution:

  • You will be able to save more time & resources with a hassle-free migration process from your current legacy solution to the miniOrange platform.
  • Choose from a Customer Identity Cloud or On-Premise Deployment option with multichannel support that fits your long-term growth strategy.
  • Easily provide your customers with self-service options like, self-enrollment, password reset, etc.
  • You can easily integrate miniOrange CIAM into multiple apps, we provide pre-built plugins and connectors for more than 5000+ apps.
  • Get Context-driven User Data using which you can provide your customers with a more personalized experience. In the long run, this will significantly drive more revenue for your business

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